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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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. 331 derailed, concord! >> now at 6:00, frantic calls from a bart operator, just moments after a 10-car train derailed. >> how do you know it derailed ? >> i'm with it! i'm looking over the edge! >> what we're learning about what happened and the efforts now to get service back on track. >> plus, california's drought now prompting a controversial ban. the big fine facing fishermen at several of the state's waterways. >> then, they are learning, then leaving. how officials in the east bay are working to keep students in
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town after they graduate. . new developments tonight from bart officials working to fix the tracks after a train derailed. it is now expected to be complete, the work, by tomorrow morning. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. it's been almost a full day since that out-of-service bart train jumped the tracks in concord. while the questions remain about what caused it, we're getting a better idea of what happened by calls made by the train's operator just after it happened. christina ren doan is just outside the bart station. we're learning service may be restored by tomorrow morning. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right, kep. the latest word from bart is service should be up and running by 8:00 tomorrow morning, as long as crews can get tracks repaired overnight. you can see them still at work this hour. we're also hearing those first calls for help made by the
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train operator after the derailment. >> it is a bart emergency! >> reporter: a flustered bart train operator is unsure of what just happened after the train he's in derailed. >> how do you know you derailed? >> i don't know if i derailed or -- i'm looking. i'm looking over the edge! >> reporter: the train operator had just dropped off commuters at the concord station friday, headed to a yard for nightly routine maintenance. the operator put the train in automatic mode to switch tracks, but it derailed going about 27 miles per hour. >> it started making weird noises, like -- i need help. >> reporter: the scary experience turned into a spectacle for onlookers of all ages. >> a crane truck! >> reporter: who gathered to see the train be removed saturday morning. >> he saw it on the news last night and we promised we would come see it today. >> reporter: time lapse video shows a mass he have crane
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lifting bart cars one at a time from the damaged cracks. four cars weighing 60,000 pounds each were carefully placed on a flatbed trailer and hauled away. retired bart employee chuck brown drove from san leandro to see workers in action. >> this is the most spectacular, but this happens. this happened, wheels and rails, things like that can happen. >> reporter: officials say their priority is restoring service to riders. they don't know what caused the derailment yet, but say there's significant damage to the tracks. >> we can do without the interlocking for days or even weeks, if necessary. but we want to get those straightaway tracks back in service as soon as possible. >> we're just happy nobody got hurt. >> reporter: and workers will be removing damaged tracks and wiring throughout the night and wealthing in new parts of the track. again, they hope to have service up and running by 8:00 tomorrow morning. live in concord, ktvu, now back to you. >> bart set up bus bridges and
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a shuttle train to get passengers around the track closure. the transit agency says it has employees at all the affected stations to let people know where to go. but some passengers told us they felt like bart wasn't doing a good job of telling people how the backup system worked. >> there's tension. the bus was a little hot, so everyone's just irritated. >> i'm happy everyone is safe. it's kind of expected. seems like a lot of stuff is going on with bart, literally every month there's something new going on. >> for now, bart is advising people going from contra costa county into san francisco tonight to use the pleasant hill station to avoid delays. again, service is set to be restored at 8:00 tomorrow morning. on, you'll find the latest on the bart derailment, including time lapse video of the work being done to fix the track. our web team is also posting updates to twitter and facebook. we have new developments today in the investigation into just who is throwing water bottles at cars in the north bay. we first showed you these photos yesterday of the white
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toyota tacoma truck that the chp says may be linked to the crimes. now we're learning the truck's owner hired a lawyer, who then contacted the highway patrol. investigators are trying to determine if it was the driver or a passenger who has thrown bottles at moving cars on highway 12 in sonoma county. half a dozen vehicles had wind shields shattered or mirrors blown out. a redwood city man is behind bars, accused of stealing cell phones from someone he met online. the suspect is identified as 21- year-old denmark copeland. redwood city police say on thursday, copeland met with an 18-year-old with four cell phones for sale and then robbed the seller at gunpoint. police put copeland under surveillance and arrested him yesterday. the dalai lama today made the first of his three scheduled speaking appearances in the bay area this weekend. he discussed the nature of the mind at san francisco's davies symphony hall. cameras were not allowed inside. governor jerry brown had a chance to spend time with the exiled tibetan spiritual leader
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and tweeted this photo of the two at a restaurant. >> meantime, dozens rallied in san francisco against the dalai lama. the demonstrators accuse the spiritual leader of religious persecution and human rights abuses, for forbidding their form of worship. >> all we're doing is asking him to please lift that ban so people can exercise their right to religious freedom. >> the dalai lama's website suggests this form of worship is sectarian. the world's most wanted drug lord is now in custody in mexico. authorities say joaquin el chappo guzman was captured in the pacific resort town in mexico, in a massive police operation. the 56-year-old billionaire faces drug traffic indictments
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in the u.s. whatsupp was down for three hours, angering users. the app has 450 million users worldwide and was recently bought by facebook for a staggering $19 billion. new owner of facebook did not respond to news of the outage, but whatsapp tweeted an apology after service was restored. the state's federal healthcare site is down and expected to be down through the weekend. the spokesman for covered california apologized for the inconvenience, as engineers continue to work to try to fix the problem. this outage began wednesday afternoon and so far has been traced to an upgrade. no consumer information is compromised. applicants can still view information pages and use the comparison shopping tool, but cannot enroll. health officials from contra costa county today helped people get ready to sign up. dozens attended the event at meadow homes elementary school
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in concord. counselors were on hand to explain their options, which include expanded medical coverage, as well as the different payment plans. >> especially people who might not have had insurance before, it's hard to understand the plan information maybe. so it's really helpful to have someone explain what a deductible is, what a copay is, and really explain the differences between them. >> open enrollment for covered california ends march 31st. now to the latest on california's drought crisis. a fishing ban along the american river is now in effect. biologists are concerned low flowing water will keep threatened fish from getting to their spawning grounds. emergency rules were posted yesterday, but as mallory huff tells us, not everyone is abiding by them. >> reporter: the rules are posted along the american river at the beginning of the closure at the dam and the end of the closure at the southwest boundary of an sill hoffman park. this fisherman walked past one
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of the signs, but only to have a conversation. >> i just talked to the game warden up there. he said it was closed yesterday. >> reporter: closed because of the drought. >> fishing grounds. >> reporter: leading to low water levels and visible steelhead. >> it's all right to keep the fish. we'll have the fish next year. it's all right. >> you understand the reason? >> absolutely. >> reporter: this group took note of the sign. >> we were next to a couple. we saw them. there was a big fish they had caught. >> reporter: while we were here today, we did catch people breaking the rules. we attempted to speak with them. >> gentleman? >> reporter: they turned around, but didn't engage in conversation. onlookers were not amused by their behavior. >> i think it's irresponsible to fish when they have been asked not to. >> yet they are standing right there? >> standing there fishing. >> reporter: this portion of the american river will be closed for fishing through april 30th. in sacramento county, mallory huff, ktvu channel 2news. more details now. the state fish and wildlife commission has also closed the
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russian river to fishing. like the ban on the american river, the move is meant to protect threatened salmon and steelhead trout. many other northern california creeks and waterways are also closed to fishing. catching fish in those restricted areas is a misdemeanor with a fine of up to $1000. well, felt like summer out there with temperatures in the 70s, but change is on the way. coming up, the timing of multiple storms in the pacific and also the time of the heaviest downpours. then, going to school to learn, then leaving town. the problem officials in east bay are facing and the discussion today to help solve it. >> he could be the nfl's first openly gay player. today, michael sam is speaking out. his message to the media and the one question he says he wants to be asked. . >> plus, she is one smart cookie. now, new developments on the girl scout who picked a prime location to sell her product.
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♪ members and friends of the bay area's ukrainian community protested today against the violence that killed at least 75 protesters there. the demonstration happened in san francisco. the demonstrators asked for the u.s. and europe to revise security to opposition leaders and for donations to help the families of those killed. it was a dramatic day meantime in ukraine. while protesters brought down statues of lennon, they saw the potential leader freed from prison and the president impeached. now, the president said he is not resigning and won't leave the country, but he did leave the capitol. while newly freed, the former prime minister arrived in kiev. she said her task is to make
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sure the protesters' blood was not shed in vain. new presidential elections are set to take place in may. nfl hopeful michael sam says he's looking forward to the day when his sexual orientation is not an issue. but today was not that day. >> well, heck ya, i wish you guys would say michael sam, how's football going? how's training going? i would love for you to ask me that question. but it is what it is. and i just wish you guys would see me as michael sam the football player instead of michael sam the gay football player. >> the overflow news conference at the nfl combine in indianapolis was sam's first public appearance since coming out as gay earlier this month. the defensive end from the university of missouri said he's not worried about how he might be treated if drafted into the nfl. sam would be the first openly gay player in the league. the 24-year-old is projected as a mid-round pick in the draft in may. arizona governor jan brewer says she has not decided whether or not to sign a controvert shall bill that would allow business owners to
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claim religious beliefs and refuse to do business with gays. response from lawmakers in san francisco was swift. >> where does it end? if someone's religion says that you cannot serve women, that you cannot serve a person of color, does that mean that they have the right to deny service? >> if this bill is signed into law, it really opens up a pandora's box for anyone to be descraim nateed against in arizona. >> mark leno called the bill a quote, last gasp of centuries of discrimination against gays. arizona's governor says she'll make up her mind to sign or veto the bill by next friday. new at 6:00, city leaders in oakland address concerns about safety. now, one thing they can agree on is that it starts with kids in schools. oakland's mayor, police chief and school superintendent spent part of today at west oakland's only public school. it's all part of a series of town hall meetings to introduce new plans to try to make the area safer. but as ktvu's patty lee
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reports, some residents are skeptical of this strategy. >> reporter: off-season drill sessions is how jordan matthews plans to graduate from high school with a football scholarship and get out of west oakland. >> they don't have names on them. you step out of your house, on the doorstep, your life is in danger. >> reporter: it's a reputation the city is working to shed. >> i do believe that jobs stop bullets. that's what we're here working on. >> reporter: the city's long- term plan for improving public safety involves the climate. west oakland's only public high school. >> what i'm hoping is that the neighborhood will embrace the school a little bit more, come in and mentor people. i've gotten a lot of institutions to hire students for summer jobs. >> reporter: the mayor, school district superintendent and chief of police tried to keep the discussion focused on the future. >> i have a fear of the opd -- >> reporter: victims of violence interrupted one of
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today's sessions, saying the community needed solutions now. >> we don't know what to do. i didn't come here to add chaos to your meeting. >> reporter: over the past year, police have beefed up patrols and the city has added street lights to increase safety. still, some students say the only places they feel safe are at home or on campus. >> i'm just trying to get a scholarship to get out of here. >> reporter: in oakland, patty lee, ktvu channel 2news. >> people at oakland's peralta elementary school can breathe a sigh of relief. san francisco police today announced the arrest of a man who allegedly threatened a family of a student there. the threats led to a tense lockdown yesterday at the school on 63rd street. 45-year-old matthew eisenhower of oakland was booked on charges of stalking and making criminal threats. he's being held on $1 million bail. a bay area girl scout who made big cookie sales outside a medical marijuana dispensary was invited back today, but it was a no-go.
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the green cross dispensary in san francisco tells us, because of the media frenzy, the 13- year-old and her mom decided to cancel their return visit this afternoon. but they might come back another day. word that the girl's cookie supply sold out in just 45 minutes yesterday spread like wildfire on social media. at least one other girl scout in phoenix even copied that idea. habitat for humanity handed over the keys for some very excited new homeowners today in oakland. the brookfield court development was built with the help of more than 2500 volunteers. that included former president jimmy carter and his wife rosalyn, heavily involved in the program. the completion of these 12 homes marks 446 houses built, renovated or repaired by habitat for humanity east bay silicon valley. that includes 189 homes in oakland. >> a gorgeous day around the bay area. maybe we can feel a little less guilty about it because rain is on the way! >> yeah. >> right, mark? >> we are talking about a change in the weather pattern, but it felt really warm out
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there today, with temperatures back up into the 70s. strange for this time of year, to be talking about low to mid- 70s, but that was the case. here's a look at highs this afternoon. looking toward santa rosa, 70. a string of low 70s from redwood city to san jose, morgan hill, antioch, fairfield. lot to report. time lapse looking out towards san francisco, looks like a summertime weather pattern with the fog, kind of just draping the coast in san francisco. this will continue to increase in coverage for late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. in fact, here's the latest on the satellite. the fog has been expanding offshore. right now near half moon bay, closer to the golden gate bridge, right around parts of the marin county coastline as well. as far as current temperatures with the fog making a push, temperatures cooling off near the coast and the bay. san francisco right now at 51. santa rosa, 57. san jose in the upper 50s, at 59 degrees. for tonight, mostly clear skies, coastal fog already pushing back into the bay. here is our live camera looking toward the transamerica pyramid, just already dark out
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there. but the fog, i've noticed a few patches sneaking back into the camera frame. for tomorrow, morning fog, skies becoming partly to mostly sunny. more sunshine inland, but this is the key headline developing with rain making a comeback on the five-day forecast. in fact, multiple storms paying us a visit. overnight lows tomorrow morning, upper 30s to low 40s. no rain drops for your sunday. some patchy fog out there and temperatures will come down a few degrees from today's high, starting out the day on the cooler side. as i mentioned, tomorrow will be dry. skies becoming partly sunny. for monday, basically the same deal, but then we thicken up the clouds by tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. next week, the storm track paying us a visit. multiple storms out there. first one is scheduled to move into the region on wednesday. so-so many details of the expectations. rainfall develops wednesday, could be heavy. thursday, we get a break. by friday, stronger storms, gusty winds. could have a wind advisory kick
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in with the chance of a few thunderstorms. by saturday, still lingering rain chances, especially for saturday morning. storm totals, we still have to speak in terms -- general terms right now. maybe 1 to 4 inches, but we'll refine that over the next few days. here's our forecast model, just showing you fog tomorrow morning. i think we'll have more coverage out there, at least more than the forecast model showing, and probably still patchy coastal fog into the afternoon hours. forecast highs for tomorrow, a little cooler than today. mid to upper 60s for afternoon highs. only in the upper 50s to near 60 coastside. san jose will go to 66 degrees. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. notice into monday, partly cloudy. more clouds into tuesday and the storm that i talked about will finally open a little bit once again. looks like maybe tuesday night, but especially by wednesday. thursday, a break and the one day to keep an eye on is friday with stronger storm and possibly gusty winds. >> we welcome it.
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>> lot to talk about this week. apple cofounder steve jobs could appear on a u.s. postage stamp this year. his name was on a washington post list of approved stamp subjects, along with michael jackson, jimi hendrix, john lennon and elizabeth taylor. the new subjects are part of an effort by the cash-strapped agency to raise revenues by issuing more stamps of pop culture figures. the list is still subject to change. jobs, who died in 2011, would be the first person from america's computer industry to be honored on a stamp. the stanford cardinal look to upset the bruins. joe fonzi has highlights coming up next in sports. >> plus, taking the plunge. the good cause that had dozens of people running into chilly cold bay waters this morning.
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one of the best things is that millions of peopleia will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at good is in every blue diamond a good that comes in 25 flavors. from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. get your good going. blue diamond. snack nut of the u.s. ski team.
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[ screaming ] away they go, braving the chilly san francisco bay waters, all for a good cause. about 800 people, including our own john sasaki took a dip at aquatic park to help raise money for special olympics northern california. most dressed in costumes to celebrate the 7th annual polar plunge. today's event raised around
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$200,000 to help fund programs for more than 16,000 special olympic athletes. congratulations. >> and john, such a trooper, raises money every year. time to talk basketball. >> it is a special time of year in college basketball. stanford making a good case to be included in the ncaa field next month. looking to knock off 23rd ranked ucla today at home, snappy passing by stanford on this possession. it will eventually by dwight powell to josh houston for a dunk. houston had 22 for stanford. randall gets this sequence started with a steal, then brown to a jamming powell. stanford keeping on the pressure. it's brown with the steal this time and then houston gets the chance to rattle the rim. stanford knocks off the bruins, 83-74. at 9-5 in the pac-12, the cardinal is tied for third place. well, it's another year of gonzaga and everybody else in
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the acc. senior day with santa clara in town today, one of those seniors is stephen holt. did he ever have a game. holt, 4-of-6 from beyond the arc. 21-0 run to bridge the two halves. great hustle by holt on this play, the pass, then running down the offensive rebound. career high 35 points for holt. st. mary's wins 76-64. usf is one tick better than that. cole dickerson, only senior on the roster. u of p, the opponent. usf down one with 2:30 to play when holmes changed that with the three. dons with a chance to pad their lead, but pinkens gets the ball stolen by short. tied at 57-57 with a minute and a half left. dickerson took matters into his
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own hands, driving strong to the hoop, putting them in front for good. usf tied for second with byu at 11-5 in conference after this 64-59 win. u.s. hockey team routed today, 5-0 by finland in the olympic bronze medal game. that means no medal for the u.s. men in hockey. see you tonight at 10:00 on sports wrap. >> what a disappointment and surprise. >> absolutely. >> thank you, joe. coming up tonight at 10:00, coverage of the bart train derailment continues. >> we'll have the latest on the progress of the ongoing work and efforts to try to get service back up and running by tomorrow morning. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. >> we're always here for you online at you can check out our facebook and twitter pages and ktvu apps. see you tonight at 10:00.
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